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Arrive Friday evening after a long week of work:

The further you drive into the mountains you will notice that the sky appears clearer, the stars brighter and the moon stronger – the further you get away from the city the more you will appreciate how special this place is! If you are coming from Sydney there are dinning and food supply options in the Hawkesbury towns of Windsor, Richmond, Kurmond and Kurrajong (about 45min – 1 hr from Dream Cabin). It is advisable to bring all your supplies before arriving at Dream Cabin as there is very limited shopping facilities in the Bilpin region.

Awake Saturday morning, ready to appreciate this magical location:

We suggest that you take things at your own pace while staying at Dream Cabin – there is no rush as life is quieter here in the mountains. Options for today include:


Bowen’s Creek – a walk down to Bowen’s Creek for a picnic lunch and swim in the pristine water. This is an easy place to hide away from the world for a few hours and enjoy nature. The track can be found by following the firetrail that leads down the hill from Dream Cabin. A signpost at the bottom marks the foottrack to the creek.

Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens – wander around these historic cool climate gardens and enjoy expansive views over the Wollemi Wilderness. The resturaunt provides great meals, or you can pack your own lunch and find a nice spot in the gardens.


Apple Bar – this highly recommended liscensed resturaunt is the perfect place to be for dinner. Please book ahead to ensure a table.

Sunday – time to relax before heading back to the city:


Lay in bed – Yes, thats right just lay back and appreciate the amazing views from Dream Cabin. Soak up the mountains atmosphere while relaxing in style – maybe cook up some fried eggs and a pot of coffee for a cosy breakfast in bed – its up to you.

Scenic Drive – The upper parts of Bells Line of Road offers great views towards the Grose Walls. A diversion to Mt. Wilson and Mt. Irvine take you further off the beaten track to these remote townships were there are numerous cultural and natural attractions. Stop and explore a number of short walks, lookouts and heratige buildings.

Pick up some famous Bilpin apples – Bells Line of Road has numerous stalls and shops selling local produce. In the right seas0n you can pick your own at some orchards.

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